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Three Content Marketing New Year’s Resolutions To Keep This Year

It’s that time of year where virtually everyone is making a New Year’s resolution. In years past, for example, I resolved to see more concerts and to be kinder to others. You too, have probably set personal goals for yourself in the past—losing weight, quitting a bad habit—but maybe this year you’re considering making a professional commitment for your company.

Most People Decide To Buy Within 15 Minutes

If visitors do not buy from you within the hour, they probably never will

We know that people decide whether or not to stay on a web page within about three seconds – though the subconscious decision is made in less than one second. So, the crucial thing for any online business is to make sure people stay for longer than three seconds. At least that way you stand a reasonable chance of them engaging with your material.

But how long do you need to keep people on your website if you want them to buy something?

90’s Girls Still insist These Toys Are Epic In Their Own Right

Amid the joys of growing old enough to drive, get your own place, and not have to go to school, come a few bittersweet bummers as well. Who doesn’t miss the lazy days of childhood summers spent playing with a favorite doll or toy? Well, get ready 90’s girls, because we’re about to take a giant cannon ball back to the past with all your favorite toys from childhood! We’ve got everybody from Popples to Baby Sitter’s Club, so come on in for a look at the raddest toys that still hold place in the hearts of every 90’s girl.


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